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CRUISES is a German alternative rock and pop project from Hamburg, formed in 1998 by Matt Pavone.

CRUISES´s sound is heavily influenced by english britpop, scandinavian pop and american westcoast rock but incorporates influences from many genres of popular music. Their lyrics focus mostly on personal themes, sometimes on sociopolitical concerns.

Most of the songs are written by Matt, some of them are co-written by Vince Everett, who plays lead guitar on most of CRUISES´s tracks. Sven Pfarr, lead singer of Hamburg´s ska rock band "Choke" guests also regularly on CRUISES tunes, the first song featuring Sven on lead vocals was "Sunshine On My Way" in 2003. All other instruments are usually played and arranged by Matt.

During 2004/05 the project entered a hiatus period because Matt was living in Australia for one year. In 2007 Matt reunited with Sven and Vince for the cover recording of the song "Aurelié" written by the German band "Wir sind Helden", which was a rare happening because normally CRUISES produces only self written material and records only in english.




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